Just let your soul glooow!


My favorite emails are ones that let you know that your order has shipped.

Please don’t call me..

I hate talking on the phone. I never have much to say. If i was the type of guy that made a habit of dating i’d probably develop some kind of phone talking etiquette.That way i could fake conversations and still keep a lady interested. But I’m not into making women comfortable just to like me. Either you do, or you don’t. You better have a motor mouth of you messing with me. I’m a super good listener. 



peekaboo is essentially just making fun of babies for not understanding object permanence 


The NFL is getting dragged right now for not doing this sooner. But the U.S. justice system, which had access to the video and let Ray of with a slap on the wrist is chillin right now. 

One is a sports league, and the other is the assigned to upholding the law. 


How Famous Creatives Spent Their Days via Galleycat
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